Amazing: How Mojo, the little kitten became a part of husky family ! (7 Pictures)

It all started last fall when some kids playing in the neighborhood knocked on a door with Mojo held in their hand. The kids had found him at a nearby dumpster and since then they had started to occasionally feed the cute kitten. These kids insisted the owners keep the kitten as the winter was approaching and their family wouldn’t allow them to keep it. The owners were a happy couple and owned three huskies Milo, Poncho and Syndie so getting another animal was not at all an issue for them.

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Poor Mojo was so thin, his skeleton was showing from under his skin and he had fleas all over him and not to mention how scared he was as he was shivering so badly. Despite being frail he was a cute kitten. They took him to the basin, gave him a bath with some warm water and cleaned him up before introducing him to their huskies. They brought the kitten to their Huskies and put him down.
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