One of the pets man care for the most are the cats. They have always turned out to be good partners when treated with care.While carrying your cats on your laps, you have your plate of food on your hand; the next thing that comes to your mind is to share the food with the cat.

Before you share, do yourself and your cat good by checking out the list of your favorite foods that is dangerous to the health of your cat. Some are deadly.e foods that will be listed are not health wet cat foods of best natural cat foods;

Dark chocolate


Caffeine is one of the compositions of dark chocolate and when taken by cats, it results in heart palpitations, tremors and rapid breathing.

If dark chocolate had been cat food brands grain free, it would have been an option but it also contains theobromine which causes seizures and arrhythmia.

So choose best natural cat foods and jeep chocolates away from your kitty.


Dairy foods

Giving a kitten a cup of milk will probably be a good gesture but it’s not an healthy wet cat food for cats because they have passed the weaning stage.

After weaning, cats become lactose intolerant which makes dairy products like cheese and milk non consumable. It can cause diarrhea and vomiting.

Raw meat

Having a wild cat that prefers hunting and eating raw meats sounds well? But unfortunately what you think is right is not a safe idea.

ASPCA have made it clear that E. coli and salmonella are contained in raw meat and that cats may get chocked on bone fragments or get splinters in their digestive tract.

Cooking plain meat without spice or salt may be delightful and a great deal safer.