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It’s quite fortunate this may not meet you at the right time but I hope you are in the right condition to make decisions. At the end of this short piece, wildlife charity should be part of your plan.

Just like humans, animals can also be quite unlucky and here is the situation of an unlucky fox who was roaming around the ice cover and unfortunately for the innocent animal, it fell into icy water and got covered up. How I wish companies that donate to animal charities could see this, may be the fox would be saved, but the fox was seen by a hunter ten days ago.

Bild reported that a German fighter found a frozen fox about ten days ago while falling in the Danube with the current temperatures. The fox was recorded to live in the black forest, Germany. While venturing on the ice sheet covering the river close to the Tuttlingen, he outweighed the ice sheet and in the twinkle of an eye the fox got frozen

When the hunter found the unlucky fox, he had to save the fox because that was the best animal donations with gift he could give at the moment. After the incident, the frozen fox has been a public figure in front of his family hotel in Fridingen, a village with an estimated population of 3000 inhabitants.