Veterinary Clinic in Manhattan is Hiring A Professional and Brave “Python Cuddler”

Are you strong, brave, tenacious and relentless? If you have all these amazing qualities with good experience in handling animals, you are perfect for this job, Even if you have  just one or two of those aforementioned qualities with a small deal of boldness. You are also a perfect fit for the job, You will grow in the job, and master more skills and qualities as time goes on.


Here at Manhattan Veterinary clinic, we know that pythons are peaceful giants, And some species of pythons are endangered, Pythons still have a considerably high population, this is one of the reasons why several persons have enjoyed the privilege of keeping them in various enclosures around the world.

 Can you imagine that you will very soon be helping and caring for a creature some persons are being paid to kill, i know this might sound outrageous, But yes! It is true.

 Weak population control mechanism has caused some parts of the United States to be overpopulated by pythons.

 In Florida, people are often paid to massacre them in large amounts and kill off pythons into potential endangerment. And Perhaps into eventual extinction. Well, the Indian python is already an endangered species. It is on the painful verge of extinction. After a while, this terrible list will be long. Isn’t it obvious that Manhattan Veterinary clinic is telling you to come and earn big by helping a specie some are getting paid to destroy!

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