When the world’s Largest Pit-bull “Hulk” decides to love (5 Pictures)

Lisa, the mother of a one-month old baby left her baby with a 175 Pounds Pit Bull, A breed of dog under absolute ban in the UK. What happened? To know, Read this short story to the end.
This dog is called Hulk, the largest Pit Bull in the world, Hulk is almost as Big as the terrific African lioness.
I am introducing you to a beast-full and blissful dog, Am I talking about something dangerous and friendly?
Perhaps, This is not a multiple faced demon anyway, But before I tell you this real life story, there are four facts or I want you to know about Pit Bulls, You can skip these and move to the main gist if you already know much about pit bulls.

  • Pit Bulls were first bred in England and are now banned there.
  • Pit bulls were common representatives of American soldiers during the first world war, why? They were regarded as a symbol of war, bravery and tenacity.
  •  Pit Bulls are generally regarded as dog haters, They are often very hostile to other dogs.
  • In most ranking of dog breeds by dog health care specialists, When ranked in the order of being Mean
    Pit Bulls are  ranked one the 7 place.

Hulk is a successful mother of two human kids, that what you could see in the next page .


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